Data record key requirements

Hi there. Can the data storage lookup-key (“id”) be any string field, with any name? I’m playing around with testing the Composer and one app with key “id” does get properly transmitted to another page, and another one with key “ItemID” does not. The other thing is that the first app (with “id”) is local storage, and the other one (“ItemID”) is data from REST API. No clue so far why otherwise completely similar apps do not work the same way.

Thanks in advance.

For client-side data resources, there needs to be a property with key id; it is a bug that you can delete it:

For REST API resources, the identifying parameter (or combination of parameters) can be anything, but unless you provide some non-static, non-optional parameter(s), your “get single record” route doesn’t make sense – you want the app logic to affect which record gets fetched, after all!

See below how an Airtable resource has a dynamic id property (but its name could just as well be resourceId or whatever.