Data Relationship!

I created a colomn in the users table and named “Informations” to register their informations and use a pointer to an other table named Informations. So for each user got his own row in information table.

Now, i use an http request to get the users login and then throught the login i want to retrieve the related informations of the logged user by his Id.

inside the http request i couldn"t get the Url code right !! so when the user logged in he find only his own informations and settings in the future.

In the logic flow you should first get the login information, and once successful trigger a second get call for the user information by binding the relevant id from the response of the first call.


THanks so much for your response.

THe point is that i’m using HTTP REQUEST and i have to ENCODE in URL the code to get the user related table (Table in relation) or Pointer table.

i couldn’t do it right !!

example:” + ‘where={“Informations”:{"__type":“Pointer”,“className”:“UsersInformations”,“objectId”:“Info”}}’

but i’m getting nothing.

Anyhelp to get this code right