Data shows in Composer, not app preview

I have an Airtable-linked app that pulls a collection - the data shows in Composer in the list component as an example, but nothing shows in the app or on the web for preview.

Hi there

I believe the view canvas preview just uses the schema from the REST data resource. Do you get any errors from the ‘test’-tab in your data resource config?

No… status is Green on both get collection and get record. It’s the typical “get a collection, select one from collection, and view the selected record on the next page” approach. I can get the collection to show, no problem - but the record on the next page just won’t work. I’ve tried making the repeated item {id} as an open page parameter, I’ve tried it as an app variable - but it doesn’t seem to be retrieving the record …I must be missing something more fundamental to working with data

I’ve lost an entire day to this now. Did you manage it?

I’m only on here periodically - sorry I missed this. No, I have never found the right solution. I think I managed this by finding another way to list all the records, but outside of a collection. It was clunky, for sure.