Data Sources - Delete Problem

Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, but I hope that you might be able to help…

I have created a data resource which successfully uses the GET collection and Create Record functions off the same REST API Direct integration resource. I am also able to create a Delete Record and configure the Update Records, but found that the Delete has to be on a different integration resource.

The reason for it needing to be on a different one is that no matter how much I try to configure the Delete record request schema, it never remembers it when on the same resource as the GET. If its on its own, then that works 100%…

Is it correct that the Delete and Gets need to be different resources as this seems like a lot of unnecessary duplication or is there something perhaps broken in the setup that I might have done with the resource ?

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I’m not sure I understand, is it that the schema of your resource changes that it does not match what you are deleting? In that case you should have a separate resource for it. Some pictures of your setup might help in understanding the issue – if I recall correctly, usually Delete just requires you to pass the id you need to delete and you’re all set.