Data Tutorial video 2 and 4 list is not refreshed, and 5, the API url doesn't work

I am new to Appgyver and I am going through the tutorial videos.
Right now I am in the Data Tutorials, but things are not like in the video.
In the second tutorial, you have to add a Basic Listing. So far no problem.
But in the video, it is shown that when you input a new “reminder”, the list is refreshed and you can see the newly added reminder.
But in my case, this is not happening.
To make sure I did everything right, I created a new project and started from video 1 again.
But again with the same result. In video 2 you see the list do a refresh, but in my app, the list is not refreshed. Only when I exit the app and go back in, I can see all the “reminders”
I had checked the settings of the Basic List and saw that the refresh was set to false.
So I changed it to True and changed the refresh rate to 500.
I saved everything and tried it again.
But no luck.
Only if I close the app and open the project again, I can see the reminder that I had added.
Maybe it’s a bug in the component?
I had checked the date and it is from Sep. 2, 2021. Not really that old.
In video 4, you can update a record. This works okay.
But as soon as you go back to the list, it is not refreshed.
Only after you exit the review app and go back, the list is updated.
As an option, you can also place a delete record button. I did this and it is working.
But also here the list is not refreshed.
Another thing, after following all steps and completing it, it is not marked as completed. No idea what is going on here.
Also video 5, there is an URL being used, but when you do the test, it is not working.
The error is; Error: TypeError: Failed to fetch. Does the server allow CORS? status: undefined
For a beginner, all of this can be frustrating.
I hope someone can tell me what is wrong here.


Hi! The onboarding videos are on the list of videos we need to update because of UI changes that have happened. It sounds like you’re using a different component than in the original videos. For the same component, drag one of the list items from the left side bar instead of the Basic List component, which is a data module and works differently. Sorry for the confusion :confused: For further help, please post some screenshots of what you’re doing.

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I’ve had the exact same issues as Pierre_de_Man with trying to get the Basic List item to work in the data tutorial videos. – Interface changes granted, but nowhere in the Documentation can I find any reference to how to use this correctly, and just using a regular list item from the core components wont work with a data record, unless I’m missing something? –

There is also an issue with using the Pick Date component – apparently, not the UI but the functionality has changed there; the MIN and MAX date fields are now required – something not covered in the video. Numerous trials with finding the right format (as it’s not documented anywhere?) did not fix the basic issue with the component that the date cannot be set – for some reason, the picker always reverts back to some random date somewhere in between the MIN / MAX range.

Long story short: these videos are meant to teach the very basics of Composer Pro, but the video instructions can’t be replicated (anymore?). What’s more, basic info on syntax / usage of some components seems to be missing. So, essentially, a lot of new users will stumble even in these early stages and not even give appGyver another chance.

Hopefully, the “onboarding process” for new users can soon be improved; there’s a lot of enthusiasm out there in the no-code community. If appGyver actually is the “world’s first professional no-code platform”, we can’t possibly get stuck on the very basics already… Right? :wink:

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Thanks Mo_An
At the end of your reply, I think you are right.
I am new to Appgyver and after stumbling at the first few videos, I have my doubts if I will continue or look for something else.
I think that Appgyver has a lot to offer, but if you get frustrated at an early stage, your motivation is gone.
I already heard that Appgyver has a steep learning curve but that did not stop me from trying.
But if the videos are not correct and documentation is incomplete, no wonder it takes time to get comfortable with it.
I hope things will improve. :smiley:

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Were you able to get the basic list to send the tapped item ID to the details page? I can’t get this working. I’m using the SAME FORMULA in the video, and sending it to an alert instead, and the alert dialog is just blank… I tried a different component - the card list component, same result :\

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So far, I did not try it anymore. I had focused my time on something else. Just so I could give it a rest and try it later again.
I will give it a try later today or tomorrow, but I will let it know here if it had worked.
But after reading your remark, I have my doubts if I can get it to work.
We will see.

I had tried what you suggested. I took an item component from the left, but I could not configure it. The configure option that is shown in the video, is not there.
I am sure that I used the correct Basic list as is shown in the video. The layout and options are exactly the same.
In the video, you also can see the name of the Maintainer and the date it was created. This is also the same as in the video.
Only after clicking the configure option on the right, the things that are shown then, are different. I think it is because of a different Composer Pro version.
But I can move the id and title to the correct map fields.
In the preview app, things work like in the data video 2
The only thing is, that for every item I put in, my screen is not refreshed.
I need to exit the preview app and start it again before I can see the added item.
In video 3 a details screen is created.
I did everything exactly like in the video.
And when I tap on the item to see the details, my screen stays empty.
I hope that the renewal of the videos will happen soon.
Especially for beginners, this can be very demotivating.
As you can see in the comments/remarks in this post, I am not the only one who has this problem.
The screenshot is from how it looks from video 3
If you compare it to the video, you see that it is the same.

As promised, I did all the videos of the Data section again.
I started from 1 to 2 and then to 3.
But I ran into the same problem as you, or as I had before.
I think you can see my remark to an earlier comment that was placed.
I am still new to this and also need to learn a lot, so right now, I don’t have the solution for it.
I hope that other community members can help us out.
For now, I will go to YouTube and look for some tutorials there. So far I found two that could be of some interest.
They are videos from Tyler Talks and Curiosity Lab

Thanks for the update! I will check it those YouTube channels as well. If I figure something out, I’ll post it here in the community as well

Good luck! Appgyver looks very promising to me, I just need to figure out the mechanics like this

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A bug has been opened for the ID not being able to be passed as a parameter, please upvote it :slight_smile: Clicking on item in a list data component doesn't pass the tapped item ID to a new page as param | Voters | AppGyver

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I am facing both of the same problems that you folks are facing regarding the list not refreshing and the information not being displayed on the Details page. Hopefully there is a fix soon!

For video 5 I tried a google search to find a different API and this one worked when I ran the test

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Hello, I’m new to AppGyver. And yeah I have the same issue from the data tutorial. Is there any fix yet?

The fix is not out yet, but there will be updates very soon! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sure! Can’t wait for it. Keep up the good work, mate!

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Thank you for all your help.
I recently started learning AppGyver and watched the tutorial videos.
In the course of the study, I encountered a problem in the tutorial “Data” where the listings for 2 and 4 were not updated.
I found this exchange while researching solutions.
I found this exchange while researching solutions.
You mentioned that as of April 14, the tutorial video had not yet been updated.
However, have the videos been updated at this time?
If there is any other way to set this up, I would like to know.
Thank you for your cooperation.