Data variable schema not available in page variable

When the page is mounted I use a Create record method (because of the Google function logic) and I get a data response which I then set to the data variable.

I have then logic to set multiple page variables to different values based on the data variable, but I don’t see the response data only my initial custom objects I used to make the POST request. It worked previously with GET method but due to my new setup have to use POST for this request.

Data variable logic

Page variable binding - doesn’t offer my response but only the fields I used to make the POST request

Hi @barePack .

Have you compare your Get response with the page variable? Does the wording, capitalization, and the types is exactly the same?

Thanks for the quick reply @IAS_Valley_Secretary - I assume the issue is the data variable response, because I can’t even populate a field from the data variable

Below I have a field name and trying to extract the value directly from data variable and against this is all I see

It shows the 2 properties from the “Create record” Data (token and searchByID) not the response from set data variable

Ok I found a way by using the HTTP request component with app variable (any value) - then linked that to page variables.