Data variables not loading fast enough

Hi all,

I have been trouble shooting for hours now, and I just realized that the issue appears to be that the Datavariables are not loading fast enough.

I am fetching various user information from Firebase in my userData data variable.

When I try to look up a value in another table based on one of the pieces of data, I get an “Undefined”.
Now I use a delay before getting the next records, and it works fine.

Is there a “wait for data” component / delay available somehow?

I would like not to use the delay - what is the right way to do this?



The fastest option would be using the Get record/ get record collection blocks.

Also. I see you have used get record already. But why are all your get record nodes connected to the delay? If your second get record node depends on the output of the first node then your flow should look something like this.

Thanks for input.

The second and third “Get Records” node are not dependent on the first get record node.

The use has three languages in their profile… But in the profile I only store the language ID (eg. 1,2,3,4,5…) So these Get record nodes are a lookup in a different “table”, to get the name of the language.

I was wondering if there was a more clever way to do this? Perhaps in a formula? Any ideas?

When you use get record, the data variable is kind of redundant isn’t it?