Data Variables - Single Data Record


I am having a very strange problem pulling some of my Single Data Records. I can pull Appointments, but the rest of my Data Variables are giving me this error:

My Data Variables are set exactly like Appointments. The identifier is set to page parameters with the ID from a previous page. The parameters are getting stored correctly as I have toasted them. My appointment Data Variable is set as follows:

The Quotes, and Clients variable does not get defined, which means the data is not pulling from my Data Variables. The Appointments variable gets defined, and displayed as expected.

I appreciate your help in advanced. Thank you!


Upon viewing console log on the web app I get this error:

Document “projects/PROJECTNAME/databases/(default)/documents/Quotes/ 6Y0UyNT3P2y67hc4NmxZ” not found.

I have the Quotes document, and that is a valid id in the document.

The funny thing is Appointments


Pulls fine, and Quotes is setup similarly to Appointments.


For some crazy reason my page parameters on QuoteID and ClientID were putting whitespace before the actual page parameter.

I set the page variable on component tap. Once I added TRIM_WHITESPACE before my repeated IDs, it worked.