Database initial data

When a user opens my app, I want him to see some initial records that he can play with, so, how to fill the local storage with initial data and files, like icons, images etc. I think in Android they put the files in a folder called media files, not sure about that though.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but what comes to mind is populating some data when the app is opened from e.g. the Global Canvas. You can use the logic flows for creating a record, and chain several of them if you like.

What about the asset files that come with the app, like special images for the users to choose from them as a profile image?

I would probably upload the images somewhere where you can easily fetch them from. S3 is a little complicated, but reliable. Or you could just have a selection page for images that you have uploaded to the app itself?

I’ve create a selection page for images so the user can choose from them, however, any image I put in that page will be uploaded to Appgyver’s S3 account Not to the app itself!!