Datas mostradas iguais

Good morning. Hello my friends.
Could you help me with a tip.
I’m using this formula to show the visit date.
However, all tada are shown the same, despite having been registered on different dates.

FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(DATETIME(data[“Cadastro de Visitante”][0].dtvisita), “DD-MM-YYYY”)


Without the formula.


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The same has been happening to me. I thought it was because the Date-time Picker in android had a bug on the date output. But since you noticed this is due to the date-formatting formula, then perhaps it is really not related to the date-time picker.

Oddly enough, the date would remain the present date (always today) and the time would change according to selection. @Kirill_Leventcov @Mevi , can you check this out?

@claudio_rodrigues , please make a bug report!

I initially made a bug report thinking it was a bug on the pick date-time component: Android Date-Time Picker only changes time | Voters | AppGyver Community Edition

Actually this is happening in several android applications, I think this problem is being more on the part of the android system or possibly updated libraries or command and it’s time to update the components or developers to fix it.