Date and Time Picker

So I have been using AppGyver for a while now and enjoy the ease of use and its flexibility, but I now need to ask for a little help.

I need a date and time picker that will then update a variable to the chosen date/time. I am aware of the date picker component, and have used that multiple times, but I wonder what the best way of implementing an attached time picker is to that component? I need the time in the same variable/record as I am calculating the time difference (which I have alreadt implemented).

I presume I would need a separate input field or fields to select the time and then concatenate them into a variable using a formula? But is there a better option, with a picker that looks similar to the datetime picker, or even a component that somebody has developed with the option of time within the same input field component?

Just looking for the simplest solution before I delve in and spend hours playing about.

I should clarify that I need it for mobile, not web.


I have now solved this, creating a field and a button, and using the Pick Datetime logic, and then formatting the datetime as needed.