Date field component internal navigation VERY slow

Hello, I added the Date Field component to my web app as a convenient and a good-looking date picker.
The minimum date is set to 2021-02-18 and the maximum date is the current date. Thus we have a 2 and a half years span for the date selection.
Let’s assume the selected date is 2022-04-01 as depicted below

Let me change the year to 2023 as follows:

The component will take several seconds to update to the April 2023 calendar as depicted below:

Then if I want to pick the same day April 1st it will take another 1- 2 seconds.

Overall, my question is whether the fact the Date Field component inside navigation is that slow can be anyhow improved or this is what it is and the recommendation would be to use the dedicated web-only calendar picker ?

thank you

PS. Date Field component I’m using