Date list with a single day selected

Hello everyone,

This is my problem: I have an event variable that only happens on Monday.
I am looking for a formula that would have the list of dates that only happens on Monday, day 1.
With the formula: format_datetime_local (now (), “E”) I have the number of the day of the week.
So I can compare if today = 1.
But I can not constitute my date list.
If someone has an idea.
Thanks in advance.

I’ve found :
FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(IF(DATETIME_IS_BEFORE(data.Monday.NUMJour, NOW())==true,ADD_DURATION(data.Monday.NUMJour, 7, “days”),data.Monday.NUMJour),“DD.MM.YYYY”)
And I have the beginning of my list!

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