Date picker calendar web 1 component

There should be a bug, at the date picker calendar web 1 component, when you bind it to a true/false variable, this happens,

And this is the logic in the button

(I know that there are more posts about the date picker but i cant understand if they talk about the same problem, meaning that this is known)

We will be releasing a new date picker component within a week or two, as there are a lot of issues with the web date picker (like the inability to style it etc).

But if you want to go into your specific issue, so is your issue that even without clicking anywhere, the date picker calendar disappears? Or what?


Perfect then i can wait…
As for this one, if you bind it to a true false variable, because the calendar can disappear by its own when pressing outside of its box,
example it appears in true, you press the button its appears (true), then you press outside of the container the calendar closes but the variable is still true and then you need to tap twice the button to reappear.

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