Date Picker does not display date picked

The date picker displays 1 day off from the date selected. However, when it comes through the toast it displays the correct date.

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Found a work around. I used a formula to set the page variable that added a day.

ADD_DURATION(outputs[“Pick date”].pickedDate, 1, “days”)

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Yeah! Sad but true man

i have a hell out of experience with my date and date time fields.
it always show nn:10, means if i pick the date as 2:30 output is 2:10
if 1:00pm its 1:10pm…

I am unable to get the Date Picker to even come up. In the tutorial it does not show anything about what to put in the fields.

Minimum date

Maximum date

Are you using the Pick date flow function? Minimum and maximum date are a requirement by iOS I believe. Minimum date is which date is the earliest the user can choose (you can put 1st of January 1900 if you don’t care) and maximum date is the latest date the user can choose (you can put 1st of January 3000 if you don’t care).

I’m also having troubles with date pick component.
For testing I built a one page app with only one control (date picker), and one pageVar (date)
I hardcoded min date and max date in the component, and bind the component to the date pageVar.
I run it, and only open the date selection and click ok each time without moving the control. Every time the control subtract one day to the pageVar date.
The only strange thing I configured is the display format like YYYY-MM cause I only need to select the year/month independently of the day, my problem is that if you are in the first day, it’ll change the month.

Don´t know if this is a known bug and if is it in solution working progress.


This still happens!!! DRIVES ME NUTS, and the formula from above doesn’t help because it only does it during a certain time of the day!!

This may or may not be related, but my datetime picker has “transparent” text on iPhones, but not iPads or Androids.

The date-picker shows up, and acts like it will work, but no images are shown. I’m using build 4.6.32 and have the most up-to-date datetime picker component (released 2022-09-02, 1.4.8)

See bottom of the image attached. The Apple scrolling date-picker is “there” but nothing is visible.

I am still having this problem, and other strange / broken functions that prevent iOS users from using the app. Everything works on the preview and on Android. Any thoughts?