Date picker for web


I’ve tried date picker for web (token: iwOpKO-E_U0D6-PL1Tuklg) and I’m missing something. When I click on anydate component disappear.
I set min, max and current date values as well as soft hiddend property and it still missing.

Any advice?


I am also experiencing this bug with this view component “date picker calendar (web)” → the calendar just disappears after the first click.

Placed in composer:

when loading the page in web-preview, the calender is visible at first

after clicking any date the calendar disappears and stays invisible:

I have noticed the same issue as well

Hey both,

there is the “soft hidden” property. I am not sure if it is meant to be but if you bind this to a variable you can control when the calendar is shown and hidden. For example you can put it on your button and then the button will always open and close the picker. For me I could make it work nicely but it took some time to figure out the optimal way how to use it.


Jens is write, i had the same problem but you can bind a variable to the soft hidden option

Thank you both for the explanation. Now, I also got it running. I am excited about the update of the component yesterday (thank you @timo.kapanen).

When using e.g. a toggle together with a variable bound to ‘soft hidden’, the calendar appears and disappears like expected.

Just for the use with an onClick-event (e.g. button), an additional tweak is required:

  • as a click outside of the calendar makes the calendar disappear, but the value of the variable bound to the ‘soft-hidden’ doesn’t change (stays to FALSE);
  • after the onClick: the value of the bound variable therefor needs to be set two times in a single logic flow :upside_down_face: : first a reset (‘soft hidden’ set to TRUE) and second to acutally show the calendar (‘soft hidden’ set to FALSE).
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i found this problem doing it this way, im i doing something wrong here?

I can’t see your settings in the video, but my first guess is to look here:

actually the problem im trying to show, is not related with the dates (sorry for not explaining) but rather, that when you press the button, after the calendar is open, it doesnt close, is this something you had noticed?

Well, in my setup that is the desired behaviour :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to open and close the calendar with the button, you can add a IF-condition to your logic flow, that checks if the calendar is already open or not. And then sets the variable bound to th ‘soft hidden’ to the opposite value.

yeah sure, i should have thought about it🙄 thanks

Hi! I recommend checking out the new date picker field from the marketplace – it works for both web and mobile :slight_smile:


The new “Date Field” component works fine on Mobile Preview but not in Web preview.

When I clic the component in web preview nothing happens… I don’t know if I am missing some configuration…

Can you help me ??

Component Market id: custom-1fbdd72b-2714-45b9-9d5f-4824eff41e4a

Hi, please check that you have set a z-index for the date field to make the calendar pop-up appear correctly below it!

I saw the problem.

When I put the date field component in the root with an index set to number it works fine.

When I put the component in a container It does’nt appear.

I tried to set also the z-index of the container but the calendar does not appear.

I found a way to make it appear.

The default component settings for widht and height is “grow to full widht” I set it to an exact size and it APPEARS :slight_smile:

The problem now is that with a fix size, it let a blank space where the calendar appears :frowning: yet when teh calendar is not visible :frowning:

Hi! Set the container to not clip overflowing content from under Layout :slight_smile: