Date picker for web


I’ve tried date picker for web (token: iwOpKO-E_U0D6-PL1Tuklg) and I’m missing something. When I click on anydate component disappear.
I set min, max and current date values as well as soft hiddend property and it still missing.

Any advice?


I am also experiencing this bug with this view component “date picker calendar (web)” → the calendar just disappears after the first click.

Placed in composer:

when loading the page in web-preview, the calender is visible at first

after clicking any date the calendar disappears and stays invisible:

I have noticed the same issue as well

Hey both,

there is the “soft hidden” property. I am not sure if it is meant to be but if you bind this to a variable you can control when the calendar is shown and hidden. For example you can put it on your button and then the button will always open and close the picker. For me I could make it work nicely but it took some time to figure out the optimal way how to use it.