Date Picker Issue

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I was trying to build a simple app which has 2 date fields - FromDate and ToDate. I can see 2 date pickers - one of which is “Web Only”. I tried using the other one as I wanted my app to work on web and on mobile both. It works fine on Mobile but on the Web, the calendar opens fine - I set the z-axis of FromDate to ‘2’ and ToDate to ‘1’ as mentioned in the blog. But when I click on the date, nothing happens, the calendar remains open ? Is there anything I might be missing ?

Date_Picker_Issue.wmv (303.6 KB)

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Did you build a logic when the component is tap?

No. Currently it opens up the calendar on tap by default. Have not put any custom logic. The calendar is working fine on Mobile App.

Your selected value is a variable ?

Yes. I have bound the Selected Value to a Variable of Type Date/Time Text

I tested and indeed there is a bug.

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Thank you. Will wait for the update !