Date Picker picked date not populating my db record

Per the screen shots below, I am having no luck getting a picked date (from a flow/routine that I installed from the Market) to my database record. I initially had a date field set up to manually enter the date (yyyy-mm-dd) but wanted to make it easier for the user to pick a date from a calendar that pops up … i.e. the more-traditional way to do it.

I’m getting confused with the page variable selections and data selections and have attempted several combinations …with no good results. My goal is to populate the db ‘lastdate’ field with the date that the user picks from the calendar.

I would appreciate a review of the screen shots below and any guidance you may offer. I will be glad to provide more screen shots, etc. as needed. Thank you.

Hi, you can use “Output value of another node” to set the page variable. The minimum and maximum dates determine the first and last date that you are able to choose in the picker.