Day One: Starting Out with Storage

Hi all,

Literally brand new to AppGyver, but have built and deployed my app through AppSheet, which is being used daily to run the business.

I am looking to move across to AppGyver because of the additional freedoms and functionality it appears to offer, but I am concerned that I have stumbled at the first hurdle.

My app requires always-online access to a database (for those that use AppSheet, they will know this is a spreadsheet) and will force an update each time an action is saved.

I am hoping to retain this functionality, as multiple users will be using the app at once, but my code experience is limited and I am struggling to wrap my head around the best way to connect and construct my database.

Do you suggest Firebase storage? Realtime Database? Or is there a less obtuse way of getting access to our data?

Hmm not sure what is best for your needs as Iā€™m not familiar with AppSheet, but Firebase has been widely used by our users and we have an integration for it, so I do recommend that as a starting point.

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