Debug Component

Hi, Does anyone know of a component that could show all pageVars, including showing collections of objects like the TEST API Call Response box?

You can use a standard ‘text-component’ and populate its content with a formula:

→ ENCODE_JSON(value)

where ‘value’ can be any pageVar or data-variable.

Not answering your question, but a touch relevant …

I built some debug capability into my app, with a triple tap on headings toggles the visibility of a container with a high z index, which contains all on the variable I’m interested in. Doing it this way means you can leave your debug info in rather than reworking the app every time you think its ok (which is what I was doing)

:slight_smile: I would have been stuck for a while - thank you! Implementing now.

Sounds really productive. Could you give me some more details how you would implement a triple-tap? Is there a flow function that can be built?

What I have done before is have a boolean APP Variable debugOn = true|false and then display the debug toasts/components depending on the value of the App variable.

Hi John,

Its just an extension on what you are already doing. I think the image is clear enough to see - let me know if not. The set variable component is incrementing “pvarTap” by 1. I have allowed 2 seconds for it to reach 3 or it gets reset back to 0.

By doing it like this I think its unlikely to pop up unless I ask a user to specifically do it, and I can leave it in permanently.

Good luck!

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