Debugger console error warning "Context for page.Page2 not found"


Is anyone getting similar errors on the debugger console?

It started showing up on all of my apps. Sometimes it is just a single line. Sometimes it is a full stream crashing the debugger

It shows up on every single app. Page2 appears to be the Global Canvas page??

Hi! I can see this as well. The log shouldn’t appear – but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Page 2 is the Global Canvas of your app, and as it has no UI, it’s complaining about that. I don’t know why you would get a whole stream of it, but I reported this bug and hopefully it’ll get fixed soon :thinking:

Is there an documentation about Global Canvas? What could you use it for?

I couldn’t quickly find documentation specific to global canvas, but basically it’s a logic canvas that is “global”, that is, started from the beginning of the app and kept running. We use it for global events, like setting something from app launch, or for when we want to have an event we can trigger on any page. I like to use it to set data into app variables to reduce the amount of polling to a database.

I don’t think you have it on the page :wink: These are useful tips. I have not touched Global Canvas but it sounds like I could do some optimization there.

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