Debugger keeps crashing Preview app

Opening a page in my application works well without the debugger connected. However, once the debugger is switched on, clicking on the button to open the page keeps crashing the Preview app, making it impossible to debug. It seems like the page doesn’t even load, as a debug log flow doesn’t print immediately after the Page Mounted even occurs. Can someone suggest what the problem might be? This is very frustrating!!!

Also the Preview app keeps crashing in certain situations on Android, but no on iOS, with everything being exactly the same. It’s making it impossible to debug or simply test things. Could you please help @Cecilia?

Still having these problems. Preview app crashes unpredictably on Android without any errors shown in the debugger, and sometimes without the debugger on. It is making it impossible to continue working on the app, as we don’t know whether something we’ve built actually works, and that means AppGyver is currently unusable to us. @Mari could you please look into this?

I didn’t get any replies on this but I ended up figuring out what was causing the app to crash, at least on this instance. The issue was caused by setting the values of a dropdown component dynamically using a formula (in this case, it was a simple map from a list). I assigned the values to a page variable first and then bound the page variable to the component, which then resolved the issue. It still doesn’t explain why the app would crash because of the above, someone from the team may want to look into it.