Debugger shows wrong font

I’ve been using the Roboto Mono font in my app, but now it no longer shows up in the Debugger - the Debugger just shows the default font. Will is appear correctly in production? Can you fix this?

App: 169788, Screen: Score Run


When you say Debugger, do you mean AppGyver Preview? Which platform (iOS/Android/web) and OS version?

Yes, I mean the Preview app, sorry. This is on Android 9.

I’m pretty sure this used to work a couple of months ago, but when I went back to do some work on it, I noticed the font was wrong, although I hadn’t changed anything about that component in Composer.

FWIW this has always been the case for me in Preview – none of the fonts I use (primarily Appgyver native Courier New or self-installed Courier Prime) have ever showed up properly.

Yup, looks like there’s an issue with the latest preview version – our apologies for the inconvenience! Progress can be tracked at