Debugger sometimes doesn't show all properties of an object variable

If I create a page variable that is an object with multiple properties (e.g. name, age, etc.) and then I bind an input field to one or more of the variable’s properties (e.g., the debugger can act strangely when looking at the state of page variables.

When the variable is first created, the debugger shows this variable and all of its properties as it should:


That is, until the user edits an input field bound to one of the variable’s properties, at which point the debugger seems to forget the variable’s schema and just shows it as a string with the value just edited.


This behavior makes it hard to debug object variables. I used to think the input field was actually doing damage to the variable, but if I print the variable in an alert, I see that all the properties are still there and have the correct value.

So it’s just the debugger acting goofy.