Deciding if AppGyver is right

Hello. I am evaluating if AppGyver will be good for what I am building. I am building crisis prevention app that would allow users to:

  1. Call a crisis hotline phone number that I designate
  2. Text a crisis textline I program that I designate
  3. Click to a scheduler to schedule an therapy intake appointment
  4. Watch resource videos (ie. YT or Tiktok). Likely a video file hosted on the platform instead of linking to the video
  5. Upload their own photos
  6. send anonymous suggestions to a Google Jamboard
  7. Get utilization data (how much it’s used, bounce rate, etc.)

Would AppGyver be able to support these functionalities?


Hi there, all of these are possible, im not sure about n6 but i imagine that thats just an api or a url so it would be possible.

Uploading photos is something I cant figure out myself, do you have a guide somewhere?

  1. There is no call engine built in. You would need to launch the native phone apps

  2. As per 1, or use a third party API driven SMS service

  3. Not sure what you mean by hosted on the platform’ Appgyver is a building engine, not really a hosting resource. You would link to a storage location of your choice and integrate with it there. But much better imo to link to the videos but inside a window with no browsing controls.

  4. That depends on the API for this location

Overall, possible, but not trivial so a good level of IT capability will be required to suceed.

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