Decimal-pad input keyboard with comma instead of dot

I feel this is a bug.
I have a number-type input field (linked to a number type pageVar).
I set the keyboard to decimal-pad (for having numbers and the decimal point).
When running against iOS the keyboard open with comma “,” as the decimal separator (I live in Argentina and that’s the local decimal point), but inside appgyver it is not possible to use a number with a comma. The number is truncated, and I do not find out the way to open a decimal-pad input keyboard with a decimal dot.
Instead if I paste a value with a dot, everything is ok with that number.

So: how numbers have to be handled in my region?

Thanks for reading


This is indeed a bug, the decimal pointers should definitely work out of the box with two-way bound variables. One workaround is setting the linked pageVar to type text instead. Then, whenever you use it, you can use the NUMBER() formula function, or NUMBER(REPLACE_ALL(pageVars.myNumber, ','. '.')) to ensure that the commas are replaced with dots. Or, you can bind an event (for example the onChange event in the input, or “pageVar: myNumber changed”) to do the same, in case said variable needs to be used in multiple places.

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I’ll stick to the “.” as decimal point using number type variable. So I use a default keyboard with numbers and dots (not my region notation), but this approach will keep me in the standard side in the future hoping for any update to solve this.