Deepl translator API connection. Error: TypeError: Failed to fetch. Does the server allow CORS?status: undefined

I figured out I need to use CORS proxy. Now I'm trying to find out how looking inspiration over here


I’m trying to deploy automatic translations.
With the first step, I’m defining deeplML API data source.
And this kills me as I get the results below.
At the same time when testing URL with other tools or even web-browser all seems to work fine.
I’m confused and guess missing some small tick to get it to fly.
Double eyes or hammer needed.

So when I test the URL invocation I get it right.

Then I define the data source

Then I test with GET method with the following error

the js console/network shows:


ps I guess the answer might be hidden somewhere below but I’m struggling to pull conclusions …

Forget about that thread of Google App Script. That was a bunch of months ago and I should and will delete that. I’ll look into Your issue later.
(Though do not expect much as I am no staff :pray:t2:)