Default Empty Page button appearing on top LHS

I am just trying out Appgyver. i have created just one page with just one input field. When previewed it is showing the default “Empty Page” button on top left-hand side. I understand the purpose of the button but why is it appearing on top LHS? I want it to appear in the bottom center. Can anyone please suggest what needs to be done?

Hi, if I understand correctly you are referring to the navigation? You can edit its appearance on the Navigation tab at the top of the screen. If that’s not what you meant, a screenshot of the issue would help a lot.

Yes, the default navigation button on the first page. I understand I can change its label and the icon but I want the icon/button to appear at the bottom of the page instead of top left hand side. Please see the attached picture.

Hi, if you want the navigation to be displayed at the bottom in a web app, you’ll have to create a custom navigation that you use on each page. There are some community tutorials on how to do that, check for example this one:

Thanks for the input. I have followed video#2 but it doesn’t talk about how to show the navigation buttons at the bottom. I did exactly the same way as shown in video#2, got the three navigation but they are on the left-hand side instead of at the bottom. Whereas in the video the guy has them in the bottom right after he maintains the navigation settings. Not sure how he got them there. I haven’t found any video yet talking about it

Closing this thread. This was just my misunderstanding. The navigation tabs appear on the left hand side on the web browser but when tested on phone they appear in the bottom.