Definitely recommend the Recycler View for long lists of repeated data

I’ve never actually used it before but after encountering massive slow-downs with my repeated list data I decided to give it a try … and Wow it worked wonders. What was before a slow, aggravating process to just scroll through the list or even register a click on an item, is now smooth and efficient. If you are using Scroll Views for your repeating list data, I highly recommend putting any long repeating list containers inside a Recycler View container to see the difference.


Hi @JOHN_WORSHAM , thanks for pointing out the advanatage of the ‘recycler view’!

From time to time I am ovserving an issue with the ‘recycler view’ and wonder, if you have been facing it as well:

the setup:

  • inside the ‘recycler view’ is a ‘row’, that repeats with a data collection variable.

  • for debugging: on the bottom of the page is a ‘text’, that contains the formula ENCODE_JSON(data.Collection1).

issue in web-preview and iOS-preview:

  • usually the row is repeated nicely, but sometimes (not always!) the rows in the recycler view are not populated and the recycler view stays empty!
  • at the same time I can see the encoded data in the ‘text’ field, which means that the data variable is filled properly.
  • only data inside the recycler view is affected, other rows stay visible like they should.
  • after closing the tab with the preview and launching it again, the data appears again in the recycler view.

Have you ever seen this issue as well? Any ideas about it?
It is very hard to track and describe, at it is no permanent issue.

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@stayfoolish that indeed sounds like a tricky one to repro :thinking: How many rows do you approximately have in that case? Are they already populated in the app or are you fetching them via an API when you land on the page? I’d love to reproduce this and be able to get it looked into. If you’re able to do a reproduction that fails even 1 in 10 times in a separate app you could share with us that we could look into, that would be a lot of help.


how many documents do you process in your ‘long repeating list’?
As I recently discovered, my app limits the size of a data-collection to 368 documents .

Nowhere near that much, the most I’ve had at once has been just over 100.


Hi Mevi, I tried without success to create a setup to reproduce it. It seems to me now, that the issue comes up after

  • several changes/saves to the project
  • thereby several automatic refreshs of the web-preview

If my observation is right, it will not affect the user experience later on in a published app.

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Just to support @JOHN_WORSHAM 's recommendation to use the recycler:

Today I got completely confused about my five repeated rows, until I realized that it is all about the recycler.

With the recycler the lists work fine:

Without the recycler, the same list shows a very strange behaviour. When clicking on the checkbox of row-1, it would also affect row-2. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Using the recycler upfront saves a lot of time and headache :ghost:

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