Delete a single record from the database

how to delete a single record from the database.

You need to provide more information - what database etc. You also need to read all of the documentation. Add a shortcut to the section you are having trouble understanding, and some screenshots of what you have tried.

follow some prints:


i need help,please! :tired_face: :tired_face:

@Victor_Michel why do you have different data resources for these (cart_2 and cart)? What is the difference in configuration?

it had but it already deletes, now it replaces “cart_2” by one called “delete_cart”, being different from “cart” for one to collect and add data and another to delete.

I’m sorry I don’t understand :frowning: Are you saying cart and cart_2 are referring to the same database/data table? There should be no need to have separate data configurations for the two of them. You could go through some of our docs about data as it seems to me something is odd about your set up that you have two different data configurations for the same thing, and this might be causing issues for you. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Ok, no have problem, but give me help in other question?

I’m making a login screen, I want to validate the fields by verifying that the data entered
by the user exists or not, if it exists, it will have access to the home page, otherwise it will not pass

help me?

(if you can send me prints, it would help a lot!)

Hi! Check out this tutorial and the tutorial it links to, I think those will be helpful for you!

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