Deleted a page variable and Login page image disappeared too!?!

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the platform. I’m working on the default login page and I needed to add an additional variable so I clicked on the variables slider and added a variable - However I noticed that it did not place the variable inside the credentials object, so I deleted it and added it to the credentials object. But when I click on the View slider, I noticed the login screen graphic had been deleted. I used the History undo options and eventually figured out that it was deleting the page variable that was deleting the image. Am I not understanding something or is there an update I should be using?

Thank you!

If anyone notices this happening, it doesn’t seem to be a problem - Yes, the image disappears from time to time from the edit view, but it always displays when you build the app. It seems to come and go on the edit screen. Odd, but seems to be working fine regardless.

Hi! Hmm, seems like removing the page variable causes the preview of the image on the Composer canvas to disappear :thinking: Especially if it still appears in web. Thanks for reporting this, I’ll have a look!