Dependency dropdown

Hi, I managed to have a dependency on two dropdowns. Now, I am having a problem if I added more than 3 dropdowns that are dependent on each other. How can I solve this? Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

This is on my first dropdown.

UNIQUE_BY_KEY(MAP(pageVars.list, {label:item.jobcategory,value:item.jobcategory}),"label")

My second dropdown.

MAP(SELECT(pageVars.list, item.jobcategory==pageVars.selected_variable),{label:item.entitytype,value:item.entitytype})

Here’s the third dropdown that is not picking up on either of the dropdowns :slight_smile:

MAP(SELECT(pageVars.list, item.jobcategory==pageVars.selected_variable && item.entitytype==pageVars.selected_variable),{label:item.jobtype,value:item.jobtype})