Dependent dropdown

Hi folks,

I want to make a selection of a dropdown list to change the options available in the next dropdown list. Is it possible? I can’t figure out how to do this!

For example

Dropdown list 1:

If the user selects Male, the Dropdown list 2 will show:

If the user selects Female, the Dropdown list 2 will have other options:

Is there any book where I could learn more about AppGyver? Documentation seems to be very poor for it’s amazing capabilities!

Thanks in advance!!!

Valdemar Kjaer

Many ways to do something like this! Easiest is to have three dropdowns, with the first dropdown’s value bound to e.g. gender page variable.

Then, your “Male” dropdown would have its Visible property bound to a formula like pageVars.gender == "male" and the “Female” dropdown similarly to formula like pageVars.gender == "female".

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Thank you very much, Harry!

I hope to see good books and “how tos” for appgyver in the near future.

Composer is fantastic. It deserves full documentation and “recipes” for begginers including solutions like this one you gave me. By the way, dependent dropdowns and other dynamic fields are very common. Maybe Appgyver developers could create a “container” or a library of common form/selection workflow…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!