Deploying a web app

Hello, Please can someone guide me to how you actually deploy your solution as a web app - i.e. what url would my end users need to be able to access the app? I can see when you enter the build configurations you appear to only be able to use a AppGyver domain? Is this correct?


At the moment, the app would be deployed at, but we’ve got custom DNS setup in the pipeline (so you can host it anywhere you want).

If your app is otherwise ready for deployment, we can even make the necessary configs by hand for you for now, if the feature itself is not yet out by that time. Let us know if you need that.

Tracker ticket at


Can’t you download the web app files and then host it somewhere yourself, like S3? That seemed to work for me

You can do that for sure – the web app is just a static set of HTML+CSS+JS, and we just host it by default for you on our S3. But yeah, we should add the option to just directly download the static app bundle for your own deployment.

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Hi Byron, can you tell me how did you downloaded the app files, please? (or did I understand wrong?)

Hi sure - you go to Launch -> Distribute -> Open Build Service. From there build and then download the web app. When you upload it to a public service, like S3, you should be able to load the index page from there


A workaround is to have your own domain redirect to This way you can share your preferred URL now and reconfigure the destination when AppGyver provides support for custom domains.


Hi everyone,

You can use Cloakist to put your AppGyver site at a custom domain.

Here’s a live example:

Without Cloakist, that site would be stuck at

You can get started at!



I already have an app running well in the App Previewer and in the Web Preview. However, it’s not running when build as web app (download and installed in my own domain).

How can one access the app into the ? I could not find any subdomain for my app.


Hi Bryon, how did you deploy the app after downloading it ?
I can’t make it work on local

Been a while but I think I just uploaded the files to an s3 folder.

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how did you get the icon and the name (i.e. cloakist) up at the top of the screen? im unable to get my icon and name (the name is My Divine Conquest)

I have circled and underlined what i want where i have also uploaded the image as an icon file to image assets

I uploaded the files in the downloaded ZIP package to a subfolder on our hosted web server (via ftp). But it just displays the static text and the button label on the start page. No actions at all (nothing happens on clicking the button, parameters in URL don’t insert values in text boxes, …). Using it works fine (minor exception: the favicon defined in the build settings isn’t used). The only issue: if I got multiple apps, how can I deploy them via

Can anyone provide a guide (the first i know of) of how to add a custom domain using the aws from amazon, step by step, also if you have any such guide in mind please tell us.
thank you in advance

Hi @Harri_Sarsa , sorry to bother, i was wondering, if there is a certain timeline for the custom domain integration.
Thank you in advance

I think its much better to host your web app yourself. For me it was simply a case of create and dropping the webapp zip build into the folder, unzipping and it worked. Not a thing more.

Who is your hosting provider? Is it all AWS? Do they have your DNS and domain registration too? Do you have access to your DNS zone record?

The truth is that i havent yet deployed the project, its hosted under the appgyver domain, I was thinking, if there is no special need to remove it from appgyvers hosting, maybe, i could just use the aws cloudfront to use it under a different domain.
One of the things im worried, is that i want it to be supper easy to make new versions, from what i know, if i keep the project under appgyver hosting, every time i update the project, everything happens automatically.
What do you think about this idea.

Lastly, the one problem i think i will have, is having subdomains, like and

I actually just don´t trust Appgyver for a production environment. It is fine for development but I´m not sure its optimised for hosting with low downtime. In 6 months I´ve seen more service issues than I would have expected. It only takes about 2 minutes to move a new webapp build onto my own hosting, so thats not a big deal.

Sub domains are easy with most providers. Who is hosting your domain?

I see what you mean, and it seems reasonable, i will start looking for a hosting service, do you think aws or hostgator?
As for the domain, i havent got any yet but do you have any suggestions?

I have used the same host provider for about 20 years for the Telecoms business I used to run. They are not perfect but I am familiar with them. They are eukHost and the support has always been good.

For me the key things are 24x7 chat support, full control and access to the zone record and can easily create email accounts.

I particularly dislike hosts where email requires you to take out google subscriptions etc. The mail service should not be an extra cost.

Everyone will have their own favourite too, so this is just based on my experience.

Perhaps we could all share our other favourite providers? I´m also using Office 365, AWS, Zapier, Google Firebase and if anyone needs a graphic designer I´m really happy with the guy who did my artwork.

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