Deploying app for beta testing - would you create your company before this step?

Sorry, this is not specific to AppGyver but I was wondering if anyone with some experience of publishing their apps had any thoughts on this.

I’m keen to publish my app so I can share it with some friends/colleagues/interested people, so I guess I would push it to TestFlight & android equivalent. To do this, I presumably need a developer account on each. As far as I understand it, I can create these accounts as an individual or as a company.

I would definitely want to publish the final app as a company for a bunch of reasons, but does anyone know if that means it makes more sense to create the company now and create the accounts under the company, rather than create as an individual and switch? (I know you can switch, but if anyone knows if its as easy as they’d like to make it sound that would be helpful!)

Conversion is a relatively simple process.

If your app is just to show a few friends & colleagues, then it probably doesn’t make much sense to incorporate. However, if your goal is to generate revenue then you will almost certainly want to incorporate.

The other issue revolves around corporate vs personal taxes and other legal obligations/trademark laws, which may or may not be applicable depending on your country/jurisdiction.

If you do incorporate, then apple will require a DUNS number. That can be a rather lengthy process. One low cost work around is to incorporate in the state of Delaware, USA, which you can do online from anywhere in the world for $180. The acquisition of DUNS is free in the USA.

Delaware Registered Agent | $45 a Year | Free Mail Forwarding

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Android builds you make in appgyver can run without you ever signing up for a developer account of any kind.

Just give your friends the apk file and ask them to install it. (they will need to at least temporarily allow installation from unknown sources on their phone)

You can also install your iOS app directly from your computer to as many devices as you want without a developer account. And if you want to get super nerdy, you can have people remotely connect to your computer and share their USB port to your computer and you can install the app via that shared USB device, as one Stackoverflow user writes:

Have the tester remote into your machine and share the USB. Apple is none the wiser. I have windows 7 running High Sierra via virtual box. I share the USB from Windows to Mac. I have my testers use a program like Team Viewer, which allows them to share their iPhone USB with me(not sure if it works with the mac version, so I daisy-chain USB sharing)

So it goes: Tester<—[TeamViewer]—>Windows Machine—[VirtualBox]—>Mac OSX

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