Deploying your AppGyver web build for FREE

Hi! You can verify whether or not it is related to authentication by looking at the Network tab in your browser’s developer console. If it gives a 403 error when you click the link, it’s authentication. Check that the page settings are still correct also just in case :thinking:

EDIT: If you are having trouble with navigation flows in 4.7.X preview, there’s a bug where they don’t work if native navigation is disabled. This will be fixed in the next runtime version. In the meanwhile you can continue development by enabling the native navigation.

Hi, @Kirill_Leventcov I’ve successfully deployed my app to github but when I try to open the link it’s just a blank page. what should i do?
files uploaded like this

Hi @di.invait,

The .nojekyll file shouldn’t end in .txt. Remove that extension, redeploy and it should work.

Hi @Kirill_Leventcov thanks for your response.
Would you please show how to remove the .txt extension. I also thought there should be no .txt but I named the file .nojekyll and I tried adding it to the repo but it always failed “don’t match any file”.
I also try to rename to .nojekyll. as you recommand at the previous coment, the file can be added but change to .nojekyll…txt(double dot) automatically

While on GitHub, click “Add file” → “Create new file”:


Add .nojekyll as the name and commit the file:

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Thank you very much, from your guide i just renamed the .nojekyll.txt to be .nojekyll and then commit. Now that file updated and my app can ba access perfectly. Thanks again @Kirill_Leventcov fir your help👍

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Hi, @Mevi. Have the same issue. My code is builded with 4.6.36. Could you explain how native navigation could be enabled/disabled ?
Thanks, Yury.

You can enable/disable navigation under Navigation, from the very top bar of the page, and then enable/disable navigation menu and navigation header bar according to what you need.

Hi! I’ve completed all of this, but my git hub page is just blank. I had the problem that my files weren’t automatically uploading with the code. What must I be doing wrong?

I’m stuck in the part that it says that it is connecting to git, but it just keeps loading

my git hub page is just blank

Have you done this?:

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Thank you! Where is the “add file” botton?

Also, when do I create this file? Before unpacking the zip folder? After sending them to github?

You need to create this file before deploying to GitHub Pages.

When I ran the first two lines of git code, I got this error:

error: unknown switch `e’
usage: git remote add []

-f, --fetch           fetch the remote branches
--tags                import all tags and associated objects when fetching
                      or do not fetch any tag at all (--no-tags)
-t, --track <branch>  branch(es) to track
-m, --master <branch> master branch
                      set up remote as a mirror to push to or fetch from