Detail page is empty

Hi Everyone,
I have got an issue in my app where I am learning to build main and detail page.
Been following a great youtube tutorial that uses mock API to get users and countries.

Here is the link to the app. Page1 shows users

and Page3 (detail page) is supposed to show users and the country(ies) they belong to.

I have defined a page parameter level called userid in the detail page that accepts userid.

The debugger did not reveal much.

Any help would be appreciated.

Only you will be able to preview the app with this link.

Check that the page parameter is passing the correct value to the detail page. Use an alert for this.

If you’re getting the correct id, it’s just a matter of making another api call looking for details of that particular user id.

Thank you for your response. I did not realise I couldn’t share the app in preview state.
I have actually debugged the code but I might try your method as well.