Developer access

I read a previous thread about developer access (Multiple Editors/Developers), but haven’t had any luck with the “contact@” email alias. Is there any update on this feature? I’d be willing to pay for it if it is something that is available for paying customers. I just would need more information about the options. I’ve really been appreciating appgyver and hope to be a long term user.


Hi! Unfortunately we can’t help you with this at the moment. :frowning: Sharing apps is on our roadmap but not yet available, and we do not provide access anymore until the feature is out publicly I’m afraid, as it takes our team’s resources we need to use elsewhere.

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thanks and I appreciate the clear answer. Do you have an estimate as to when it might be available? Just want to be able to plan accordingly.

I’m not comfortable with giving out precise estimates as we don’t have an updated official estimate for it I’m afraid. This year at least in the BTP version, hopefully also the Community version.

Thanks for the update and response. Much appreciated!