Device flexibility for images

Hi everyone

I am a complete beginner and have zero knowledge of coding. I’ve just begun making a new app and it is a basic app with text. It’s a book basically. So each chapter is a vertical row of images containing text.

I have been designing the app with the 414px device setting. The issue I am having is that when I preview how it looks in another device I am getting unwanted space. So for the 320px for example there is too much space between the images. And for the 800px or 1200px for example there is too much space on the left and right of each image.

Is there a way to fix this issue so that it flexibly fills accordingly? How would you do it if you wanted the least amount of unwanted space? Please see screenshots attached.

The other question I have is regarding .aab, Google play will be only accepting .aab, I am not seeing any option to build as .aab, how to get an .aab from the .apk?

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set the width of the text box to a percentage value. around 80%

Thanks for the response.

The width of the image (text) box was already set to a percentage at 100%, I’ve set it to 80% it doesnt fix the issue.

Ita the blue line (frame) around the actual image that’s too big, I wish we could just drag the corners as we would in a photo edit software. How do I make the blue image frame the right size without change the size of the actual image inside?

Set resize mode to cover.

Hi Prajwal, thanks again for the quick response.

Changing resize mode to cover didn’t do anything, but I’ve changed height from 600 to 400px which fixed spaces between the images but issue remains on the left and right of images. For example on 414px device preview (which is what I use and most common I believe) images are not wide enough which makes text harder to read on device. And on tablets the issue is worse.

Basically the image remains the exact same size for every device. Is there any way to make the image flexible so that it resizes for different formats thus providing the optimal size for each device?

Hey. Do try using a container instead of the image box. And let me know if it works. It worked for me though.

Can you please specify what settings I need to change exactly on the container from the default setting (full settings unset)

how to get an .aab from the .apk?