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What does everyone else do when it comes to leaving hooks in their app to assist with later issues?

I´ve added a triple tap within 2 seconds on header containers to display a list of current variable states.

I´m interested to know what everyone else does as I´m new to app dev and doubt this is the best idea out there.

Cheers, Phil

Not a bad idea, as long as the data it reveals cannot be used by end user in any malicious ways. You can bet that someone will stumble onto this. Or the first time you tell a customer what to do to reveal the data you need, they could share that info on the web.

If you need more security, have the user enable this debug feature by answering a challenge/response properly. This is basically an app-provided number. The user must answer by inputting a magic number that is related to this challenge number. If they get it right, then the debug mode is enabled and triple-clicking will show them the goods you need.

Here’s how you could do the challenge/response. Have the app generate a random integer between 100000 and 999999. Display that as the challenge. The response the user inputs must match some math formula that you apply to the random number. Use a combo of math and logical operations. For example:

set page var ‘random’ to RANDOM_INTEGER_BETWEEN(100000, 999999)
set page var ‘response’ to BIT_XOR( POWER(random,2), BIT_SHIFT_LEFT(random*13, 5))

Compare the user-input value against ‘response’ and only let them in if they get it right. This gives you the power to grant access for a user when YOU want the info. Of course, you’ll need a way to calcuate the correct response to the challenge value they give you. If you don’t know how to code something in Python quickly, you could make a helper AppGyver app that just calculates this value for you (using the same formula) and displays it for you. Of course, this app is only for you to use, not to distribute to the public.

Another idea is to have the app upload debug info to the cloud (either all the time, or just when some “secret” button sequence occurs). Then you go retrieve the info associated with that user.

Thanks, great ideas.

I´m not too concerned about security in my case. I´m only going to expose sensor readings, OS, screen size etc - all things the user knows but I don´t. I know I could capture them from all users but I don´t really need to unless there is an issue.

Most of my users will be quite short term as well. They will only use it for 2-3 hours and only a few will use it again, though in time that may grow.

Cheers, Phil

Hi there, in what way youre able to understand a double or triple tap in the app logic?

Create a page variable called TapCount. On tap, increment it by one. Then go to a delay node and in parallel an IF node. Set the delay to 2/3 seconds, then from there go to a node to reset TapCount to 0. On the IF node, check to see if it is >2 or 3. If true then you have a double or triple tap. If not, no action.


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oh perfect thank you very much!

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