Did anyone get sort and filter working with recycler view

Whenever I use recycler view I can’t get sort and filter to work with a large image list, it works when it’s not in the recycler view, does anyone know how to get it working? Any help would be appreciated

My friend I was about to question the same to support you when it came to me.
Seems to me that the Recycler only refreshes 1 time, at the time it opens. I know this because I would enter a static number to check the filter and only on opening it would filter.

I just tried this and it seemed to work for me on the first try.
In the Logic start a “On change” event with the variable that is used to change your filtering selection and tie the variable that repeats to the on change event. The value i set was it’s own self. It is working amazingly now.

appvars.filter (filtering variable)
appvars.repeatedValues (used to populate repeater)

EVENT ON-Change set to appvars.filter variable -------->connect variable.repeatedValues to it and the assigned value is itself " variable.repeatedValues."

Thanks you so much, I’ll try this

I kept playing with it. I realized that it populates in bunches. I tryed the biggest list I got and only the few first options in my filter method work. In Order for my last filter to work fine the ones before have to have been tested or populated, no issues filtering after this. I’m sure there has to be a away around this, maybe filter data at the on change flow @ the repeater variable.