Different content should be displayed depending on rights management concept

Hello you AppGyvers,

I’m starting a new project in the coming days. As far as I can see now, the biggest challenge is to implement a rights management concept. Depending on the role, different content should be displayed.

Have you done this before? How did you go about it?

I am very interested in an exchange. In particular, your experience and how much extra effort it is compared to an app without rights management

Greetings Jens

Hello there,

I have done this with Firebase.
When a user is created I also create a document in Firestore where there is a property “role”. If you have many different roles you can have it as a text property.

On appgyver side You can have different approaches:

  1. Build different pages and route the user by checking the role with IF() conditions.
  2. Set different containers visibility inside a single page again with the IF() condition.
  3. If it is only a web app then You can have duplicate apps and modify their content based on user roles. Then build a welcome app which first logs in the user and then redirects to the specific domain for the selected role.

Really it is up to You how do You want to approach the issue. How different is the content for different users, etc…