Different images on web preview vs cell preview. Web Preview is always correct. Phone preview is not

I’m having a strange problem that started ~1 week ago regarding displayed images.

My app obtains web url’s from my backed (Xano) and showing them as pictures in appgyver.

Some of the images no longer match the links (and I’ve confirmed that the link is correct) on the phone preview and even compiled and released on the app-store phone environments.

The error do not show on the web-preview; the links are the same AND the images are correct.

I thought it might be my cellphone, restarting didn’t help. Other users are having the same problem on a recently released update.

Appgyver seems to be simple not finding the correct image from the URL and instead places an “old” image in its place.

Is this a “me” problem, or is this a “this version of appgyver” problem?

This was not a problem on Android Release " 4.9.111", but is a problem on “4.9.125”.
I’m hoping that is goes away as mysteriously as it appeared. Don’t think this is a “me” problem.

Hi, facing the same problem here. All images are the same, but the links are correct (seen from the api request perspective)

What API are you pulling from?

We seem to be the only people with this problem.

Are your images correct in web preview but wrong in the compiled/released app as well as in the phone-preview?

This problem still exists

From my own API thats is in production for a production app. The only change was the SAP Build Apps version.

I didn’t try a new compiled version.

@Victor_Morgan don’t worry. The AG team takes 1,2,3,4 or 5 weeks to answer this kind of issues…

You are more optimistic than I am. I would be surprised if this is fixed

I have the same problem with openFood api images and It seems to be related with the last release in 29/11/2023

I am also having this problem with the OpenFoodFacts API and the problem would have started at around that time.

Is this an open ticket at OFF? How did you narrow it down to the 29/11/2023 release?

@Rut_Crespo was the 296/11/2023 release in Open Food Facts or Appgyver?