Different projects build in same domain

Is it possible to build (web only) different Appgyver projects to the same domain.

Say I have build Project 1 in abc.appgyverapp.com. Can I overwrite the build version by building from Project 2?

I’m facing an issue where I’m viewing the old version (Project 1) of build even after building from Project 2 with the same domain name.

You can’t build on top of the same url with another project. We would need to remove project 1’s claim on the URL (and probably the current build in the url) before project 2 could build in the same URL.

Ok understood! Would try. Thanks a ton!

Hi @Mevi I went to all my projects and removed the Hostname from AppGyver Hosted Domain section in WEB BUILD SETTINGS. But that isn’t working. I also couldn’t figure out how to remove/cancel the current build with a specific hostname. What about the hostnames that was used with deleted projects? How can I recover them and reuse with another project?

I couldn’t figure out how to do this part - “We would need to remove project 1’s claim on the URL (and probably the current build in the url) before project 2 could build in the same URL.” - Can you please elaborate the exact steps?

Ah. That removal needs to happen on our side, which is why this should not be done lightly. If you are switching projects once, we can do it for you, but if you need to switch between projects every now and then, you should set up Amazon Cloudfront or similar, see here.

I’ll ask what information we need to be able to remove the old web builds for the old app, but I expect we will at least need the app id of the old app and your user id.

Hi @Mevi , all this happened as I was not clear about the system. I would streamline my workflow to accommodate this henceforward.

For now I’m sending you my Appgyver userid (which is my email id) through direct message. But I’m afraid I have already removed some earlier projects after copying to newer projects and not sure about their ids. I need to reclaim 2 hostnames - 1. zeivaa and 2. zeivaadev and assign it to projects of the same names.
Also I’ve 2 questions?
What happens to the hostname when a project is deleted? How do I preserve a hostname before deleting a projects?
What happens to the hostnames when I make a copy of the projects?

Hi! Sorry I was not able to get back to you sooner, I was away for holidays and got sick on top of that – I got your DM with your user id, I would still need the app ids of the apps that currently hold the hostnames zeivaa and zeivaadev to be able to get those freed. You can DM those to me if you prefer. Send me the app ids that you see in the url when you open Composer, like platform.appgyver . com/builder/applications/[YOUR_APP_ID]/pages/1