Different Styles for Repeating Rows

Reasonably new to AppGyver so still finding my way around. I’ve set up a tabular style display of my data from a REST AP. Inside a single Container I have a header row and then a data row which is set to repeat on my data variable. I’d like to have a different background colour for each alternating row of the repeated row.
How can I set this up? I can’t see any obvious Style properties so am thinking I’ll need to do it via formula’s but unsure the best way to do it.

You would need to do a math formula on the Container background color that would basically check if the current index is Odd or Even
something like:
IF(IS_ODD(current.index), color1, color2)

  • assuming that current.Index is being updated and is a valid repeated property, im not sure

Thanks John I’ll check it out. I think it should work…

Unfortunately, the background of a container does not take a formula that I can see. Only “Custom Content Palettes” or “Universal Background Colors”. Any ideas? thanks

. . .

ok so found how to do this, under “Background Color” of the container, select “New Palette” at the bottom of the popup, then select the formula option and do as John mentioned above.