Disable Navigate Back (iOS)


on iOS it is possible to swipe from left to right to navigate back. Is there a way to disable this functionality?
I already tried opening the screen as modal = true and false. But it does not work.

Any help?

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I think the Flow Function Replace Page would work for you, use that instead of Open page. You can find it in the Flow Function Marketplace, install it, and access it in the “Installed” tab on the logic canvas.

When you open pages in an app, the pages get opened on top of each other in a navigation stack. When swiping back, you go to the previous page in the navigation stack. The Open page flow function open the target page on top of the navigation stack. Replace page on the other hand replaces the current page in the navigation stack, so no stack gets created, so there’s nowhere to navigate to with swiping.


Should replace page avoid the possibility of navigating back? I have a delete button that moves to another page, but the user can always return back, both if I use open or replace page…

Hi @Massimo_Barreca ,

Replace page should prevent navigating back if no navigation stack has been created throughout the use of the app. If you are using Open page in the app then a navigation stack will be created, and Replace page only replaces the top page of the stack. So it is possible that Replace Page still allows for navigating back in the already created stack. Could this be the case in your app? Otherwise it’ll have to be investigated more.

Thank you, I think this is the case, I think the only way to accomplish what I want (don’t go back in the page if the item is removed) is to check the existence of the item on page mounting!