Disable Navigation on single page

I’ve made an app that has a simple welcome page that greets the people before they enter the home section.

Seeing that its only function is to have one button saying Lets get started ! I was wondering if there is a way to hide or disable the standard navigation on it.

Any feedback would be great <3


This can be done in the following way:

  • In the Composer top menu, go to Auth
  • Select Enable authentication and AG hosted user management
  • Select the Let’s get started page as the Initial view in the dropdown
  • Close the Auth tab and delete the new Log in page that appeared
  • (You can also delete the app variable currentUser that appeared)
  • Now go to your Let’s get started page and add the Dismiss initial view flow function (instead of Open page) to your button.

This way we use of the authentication page navigation logic that doesn’t have the navigation menu at the first page, but we remove the user authentication part of it. This should do the trick, let me know if it doesn’t!


Thank you, it worked for me !!

Thx. It works. But now my second page becomes the log in page. How can i remove the navigation menu on the second page?

If you want to do authentication, then it’s probably better to not dismiss initial page but to push pages on top of the initial view for login, or hide/show containers on the first page to display log-in after button is pressed or whatever you want to do on the first welcome screen.

Pages on top of initial page is done by going to a page’s setting (select page and go to properties > advanced) and selecting “allow page to be opened without authentication”. That way you can call from the first page the “open page” flow function and open the login page on top of it.