Disable scroll still scrolling

Disable scroll doesn’t seem to be working for me in web. Is it supported in web? Anyone else having this issue? I don’t see an issue tracked for it. FWIW Stretch to the viewport height also isn’t stretching the page although it’s not my use case. Thanks!

  1. Set page to stretch to viewport
  2. Set scroll view top level (not inside a container or anything) and set it height to 100%
  3. Put a container inside the scroll view and set it to absolute. All the components you want to scroll goes inside this container.

I don’t know if this is the best solution, but it’s how I got it to work.

Btw, the scroll view looks like it’s collapsed in the editor and makes it hard to edit or add components to the container. I usually set the container back to relative while I’m editing.

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That worked thank you!!

You’re welcome! I struggled with this way too much to not respond :smile: