Disabling nav menu prevents Open page FF from working

Hi I have been working on an app for the last three weeks, and aside from a few minor issues have been making steady progress. I am testing on an iPad, and am use Firebase Auth. Everything has been good so far.

When I sat down to work on it today however, all of the “open page” FF would no longer work. I could get them to function again if I set the modal parameter to true. However, other FFs, such as “take picture”, which presumably also use a version of “open page” are not working as well. Did something change in the last couple days that has caused this functionality to change and break? I have tried disabling Auth but that does not solve the problem.

I noticed that similar issues have popped up in the past for others - but given that I have not experienced issues for weeks and then suddenly things are broken, I got wonder if something changed again on AG’s side of things.

Thanks for any and all help

I just discovered that enabling the Navigation menu causes the issue to go away. Too bad I don’t want the nav menu as part of the app.

Hello, I’m having the same problem and I also don’t want to use the “Navigation menu”, but for now my app only works if I leave it enabled, Thanks for sharing the solution

I hope they fix this bug

FYI - Bug report: Disabling nav menu prevents pages opening | Voters | AppGyver Community Edition

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